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Regulation Hosting

How it works

On boarding

After initial contact is made we will undertake some informal due diligence and make a high level risk assessment. The due diligence involves an overview of your business model so we can assess expertise, experience and resources. The initial risk assessment looks at culture, company financials, the proposed regulated activities and type of appointed representatives. Once an agreement is signed Thornbridge will commence structured due diligence on your firm, the directors and its major shareholders.


We ensure that all approved persons are appropriately trained. The training includes programmes on anti-money laundering, market abuse and courses on new regulations and related topics. We will provide you with a compliance manual and relevant compliance policies.


Overseeing and monitoring your business is a combination of both formal meetings and regular informal contact and our aim is to get to know you and your people. Formal meetings will include a detailed discussion on the business, an assessment of the risks and the completion of several registers. Websites, marketing material and financial promotions will be checked and approved in a constructive and timely fashion.

Regulatory Hosting Platform Technology

Thornbridge has built a bespoke regulation technology platform which provides appointed representatives and Thornbridge staff with an easy-to-use online system. The platform streamlines the compliance monitoring process and provides a complete audit trail.

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