Regulatory hosting


We offer a flexible umbrella solution enabling companies and individuals to operate quickly under an authorised firm. This is achieved by way of an appointed representative or trading name agreement. Our people are qualified and accessible and the Thornbridge team offers a bespoke service to fund managers, wealth managers, platform operators, financial technology companies, litigation funders, third party introducers and financial data providers. A partnership with Thornbridge lifts the burden of regulation allowing management teams to focus on their core activities.

What we do

Understanding regulatory responsibilities can be tricky and complying with all the requirements arduous. At Thornbridge we seek to ease such burdens by offering a suite of services that makes access to regulated activities simple and cost effective. The difficult and complex tasks are left to the experts at Thornbridge, leaving you free to concentrate on your mainstream business.

You need to understand and comply with the regulatory requirements relating to the business you conduct. If you wish to undertake a regulated activity, Thornbridge will help get your firm and people authorised. As an appointed representative of Thornbridge you will receive all the support and advice you need to build a successful enterprise. We will help set up your systems and controls, run the correct registers, treat your customers fairly and assist with the construction of your website and other marketing materials. In short Thornbridge will do all the heavy lifting and de-risk the regulatory burden that applies to you as an individual or firm.

Investment funds

We offer fund managers a simple, quick and cost effective route to market. The Thornbridge umbrella provides regulatory oversight, has arrangements in place with a number fund administrators and provides management services for all types of funds in all the key jurisdictions.

Discretionary fund managers

We work with individuals and teams helping them set up and run their wealth businesses. Alongside established wealth management platforms Thornbridge delivers the infrastructure and oversight for discretionary fund managers, financial advisory firms and family offices to provide a holistic service to clients. Our experienced team help firms build and deliver a first rate product in a cost efficient and timely manner.

Crowd funding

We work with individuals and businesses looking to finance a business, project or venture by directly accessing a new brigade of investors that have varying levels of investment expertise. We work with payment flow businesses that provide a complete white label solution for crowdfunding platforms. Thornbridge provides a regulatory umbrella that ensures compliance and support before, during and after fundraising.

Litigation funding

Litigation funding, also known as legal financing and third party funding, enables claimants in litigation or arbitration to manage their costs. Litigation funding activities can include managing, advising or arranging on investments and Thornbridge has experience of working with firms in this sector.

Appointed representative 

An appointed representative is a business or person that wishes to conduct regulated activities and acts as an agent for a firm that is directly authorised by the FCA. This firm is known as the appointed representative’s principal (Thornbridge).

Compliance consulting

The Thornbridge in-house compliance team works in partnership with an independent compliance firm that offers a broad range of advice and ensures Thornbridge remains up to date on all regulatory matters. This arrangement enables Thornbridge to provide the full spectrum of compliance consulting services.

Fund insight and analytics

Through our partner company Axicorda, Thornbridge offers insight and analytics on investment funds. >
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