Thornbridge provides regulatory hosting services to Hilltop Credit Partners Limited

Thornbridge Investment Management LLP (Thornbridge) is pleased to announce the provision of regulatory hosting services to Hilltop Credit Partners Limited (Hilltop). Hilltop is now an appointed representative of Thornbridge.

About Thornbridge

Thornbridge has an experienced team offering regulatory hosting and investment fund services. We provide a comprehensive, flexible, robust and cost-effective solution to fund advisors, investment advisors, corporate advisors, wealth managers, investment platforms and those undertaking marketing and distribution.

More information about Thornbridge can be found at the company’s website:

Contact details

Patrick Hall                    +44 (0)20 3972 4512

James Bedford             +44 (0)20 3972 4511

About Hilltop Credit Partners Limited

Hilltop Credit Partners LimitedHilltop provides active advisory and management for real estate projects. Hilltop has a team of experienced real estate developers, investment managers and corporate finance professionals which have managed value add and opportunistic residential deals through several market cycles. Hilltop gives developers the capital they need to create powerful partnerships that will get their plans off the ground.

More information about Hilltop can be found on their website: