Thornbridge has a network of financial service companies that run and distribute funds. These firms are typically set up as appointed representatives. They focus on different areas of the market and each have a distinct approach to distribution

Offering your firm autonomy and reach

Setting up your marketing and distribution firm within the Thornbridge network offers you access to a family of connected businesses as well as international reach. We will assist with the preparation and approval of marketing materials while leaving you to engage with investors.

The Part IV application process to become a directly authorised firm can be costly and time consuming. A directly authorised firm would need to put up regulatory capital, have a regulatory business plan, have sufficient investment staff, appoint a compliance officer and a money laundering reporting officer and demonstrate adequate resources.
In summary the advantages of being an appointed representative are:
– Swift, efficient and cost effective set up
– Speed to market
– Provision of compliance manual, policies, procedures, governance and a monitoring plan
– Significantly lower ongoing compliance costs
– No regulatory capital requirements
– No requirement for fully audited accounts

This enables you to establish and brand a fund structure, market the fund and build up a track record. We also have relationships with the leading fund administrators and custodians and will assist in the process of making well informed decisions over service providers.