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Market Commentary

July Market Commentary

by Thornbridge on 31 August 2023

Commentary by Rob Oellermann  – Portfolio Manager of the MI THORNBRIDGE GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES FUND Global markets tracked higher again in...

Market Commentary

June Market Commentary

by Thornbridge on 23 August 2023

Commentary by Galvanize Climate Solutions LLC – Investment Manager of Galvanize Global Equities, LP The EU Innovation Fund recently announced...


Benefits of Compliance Consulting

by Thornbridge on 14 July 2023

We understand the critical importance of compliance in today's business landscape. Building upon the insights shared in our previous blog, "The Guide to Compliance Consulting," we aim to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the benefits our clients can experience through our services. Let's delve deeper into the advantages of partnering with our compliance consulting firm.

Market Commentary

May Market Commentary

by Thornbridge on 29 June 2023

Commentary by Universum Wealth Ltd  – A Thornbridge Appointed Representative. Concerns over the US debt ceiling were a drag on...

Market Commentary

April Market Commentary

by Thornbridge on 26 June 2023

Commentary by Levendi Investment Management Ltd  – A Thornbridge Appointed Representative Capital markets enjoyed a breather in April with the...