Thornbridge Regulatory Hosting Umbrella

At Thornbridge we offer a regulatory hosting solution to those firms that are not part of the Thornbridge network of connected companies. This allows companies and individuals to carry out regulated activities without being directly authorised by the FCA. Firms become an appointed representative and borrow permissions from Thornbridge.

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Regulatory Hosting

Why choose a regulatory host?

Understanding regulatory responsibilities can be tricky and complying with all the requirements arduous. At Thornbridge we seek to ease such burdens by offering a suite of services that makes access to regulated activities simple and cost effective. As an appointed representative you outsource the difficult and complex tasks to the experts at Thornbridge, leaving you free to concentrate on your mainstream business. In using the FCA licence of a company specialising in regulatory hosting, you can benefit from:

  • Swift, efficient and cost-effective set-up
  • Use of pre-existing and FCA approved policies and procedures for governance and compliance supported by a manual and a monitoring plan provided by the host firm
  • Significantly lower ongoing compliance costs compared to full authorisation
  • No regulatory capital requirements
  • No requirement for fully audited accounts

Why choose Thornbridge regulatory hosting option?

Our mission is to keep your firm compliant as well as help you build a successful venture. Our boutique culture offers real expertise alongside a can-do approach and the solutions we provide are bespoke, flexible and cost effective. Our people are knowledgeable and have decades of financial services experience.

What we do

Thornbridge allows its regulatory permissions to be used by your firm to enable you to carry out investment business whilst retaining your own identity, ownership and control. Your firm will become an appointed representative of Thornbridge which acts as the host or principal firm. Thornbridge in turn offers your firm regulatory and compliance solutions that help reduce the administrative and cost burdens.