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About Thornbridge

Thornbridge was launched in 2015 and today works with firms that have diverse business models, growth plans, complexity and scale.

The regulatory umbrella and fund management services we offer help you design and implement risk management and monitoring procedures that are appropriate for the size and complexity your business.  Thornbridge principals and senior managers have extensive experience of taking and managing risk as investors, entrepreneurs and managers.

We do not favour box-ticking approaches. Practical and effective risk management is essential to ensure your firm can demonstrate and meet the FCA regulatory requirements and principles. The priorities of a risk management plan for your business will be unique and we will make a company-wide assessment of your firms governance, operations, technology, credit, market, liquidity and business risks.

In our view, risk management is an ongoing process that requires a high level of discipline and attention to detail whilst remaining creatively engaged with your firm so that it can defend key risk areas without stifling opportunity and innovation. We will strive to help you strike the right balance throughout your time with us.

Your firm, the business environment and FCA priorities are all constantly changing and evolving. Part of our role is to help you and your business navigate these changes.

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